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亚博开奖结果|零失误完美一战!詹皇完胜硬巴证领袖差距 未获MVP仍是第一人

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On October 3, Beijing time, "in the name of Kobe", the Lakers once again wore a black Mamba jersey to fight. Zhanmei dual-core led the Lakers to overcome the Heat and maintain the law of winning wearing a black Mamba jersey. James is naturally the number one player in leading the team to win. In the leader battle, James contributed 33+9+9 and defeated Butler’s 25+8+13. James has contributed quasi-triple double data for two consecutive games. He has played offense, pass and defense. The position to suppress Butler naturally proves the gap between the super giant and the stars, and is the foundation for the Lakers to achieve a 2-0 lead.

在北京时间10月3日,“以科比的名义”,湖人队再次穿着黑色曼巴球衣参加比赛。占美双核心带领湖人队克服了热火,保持了穿着黑色曼巴球衣的获胜法则。詹姆斯自然是带领球队亚博平台APP获胜的头号球员。在领袖战中,詹姆斯贡献了33 + 9 + 9,击败了巴特勒的25 + 8 + 13。詹姆斯连续两场比赛贡献了三倍的两倍数据。他打过进攻,传球和防守。压制巴特勒的位置自然证明了超级巨人和明星之间的鸿沟,并且是湖人取得2-0领先的基础。

It is worth mentioning that James still maintains a "living fossil record" status, and he continues to create a number of records:


First, James and Big Eyebrow both scored 30+ in this game, becoming the first pair of players in the Lakers history to score 30+ in the Finals since Kobe and O'Neal in 2002.


Second, in James' career, 10 finals for the first time achieved a 2-0 lead.


Third, James ushered in the 51st Finals, ranking first in active service, while surpassing Magic Johnson to enjoy the sixth in NBA history, second only to Bill Russell (70), Sam Jones (64 games), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (56 games), Jerry West (55 games), Heinsohn (52 games).

第三名,詹姆斯迎来了第51届总决赛,现役排名第一,超越魔术师约翰逊(Magic Johnson),获得NBA历史第六名,仅次于比尔·罗素(70),山姆·琼斯(64场),贾巴尔·阿卜杜勒·贾巴尔(56) ),杰里·韦斯特(55场比赛),海因索恩(52场比赛)。

Fourth, James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in rebounds in the Finals and rose to fourth in NBA history, second only to Bill Russell, Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor.

第四,詹姆斯在总决赛中的篮板超过了贾里姆·阿卜杜勒·贾巴尔(Kareem Abdul-Jabbar),在NBA历史上排名第四,仅次于比尔·罗素,张伯伦和埃尔金·贝勒。

Fifth, James scored 60+ games with the thick eyebrows, the Lakers scored 20 wins and 1 loss, tied for the first place in NBA history, and the OK combination in the 1999-2000 season also did it.


Is there any suspense? When the Heat lacked the two core Adebayor and Dragic, the victory was basically booked in advance by the Lakers. It is true that the Lakers led by 18 points in the second half, and they were also chased to a single-digit point difference at the end of the game, but James quickly combined with attacking and re-leading the team to open the score. Especially in the case of the team's continuous iron in the fourth quarter, James made a tip to break the scoring shortage, and again broke through the layup to kill the game with 1:27 remaining, which also helped the Lakers to beat the Heat again in the bottom of the game.


Throughout the game, James scored a strong 33 points. In fact, he didn't start the attack mode early. In the first half, James only scored 12 points. He started the organization pass mode more. James did not grab too many points, but repeatedly fed the ball to the thick eyebrows. In addition, the connection with Warcraft Howard scored 6 points in 3 of 3 in the opening 4 minutes, and repeatedly sent wonderful passes to the team's outside shooter.


However, under the heat's super tough pursuit, James also turned on the attack mode at the right time. He scored 21 points extremely efficiently in the second two quarters and played the team's offensive arrow again on the offensive end. Compared with Butler, who used more breakthroughs to make fouls and free throws to chase points, James completely output all kinds of offensive methods. There is no doubt that his terrorist offensive deterrence and efficiency are unmatched by Antetokounmpo and Tatum. Naturally, Bart Le also has nothing to do.

然而,在亚博平台APP热火的超级强硬追击下,詹姆斯也适时开启了进攻模式。他在后两个季度非常高效地得到21分,并在进攻端再次打出了球队的进攻箭头。与巴特勒相比,巴特勒使用更多突破来​​犯规和罚球以追分,詹姆斯完全输出了各种进攻方法。毫无疑问,他的恐怖分子的威慑和效率是Antetokounmpo和Tatum所无法比拟的。当然,巴特勒(Bart Le)也无关。

In addition, James was only 1 assist to reach a triple-double in the last game, and this game was only 1 assist and 1 rebound to reach a triple-double, which also made him miss the 28th playoff triple-double of his career. It’s just that James is not very interested in stats. Even if he and the thick eyebrow brother can win the MVP, it has caused heated debates. But obviously, James does not value such an honor compared to winning again. After all, he has already had three. The finals MVP trophy, and his performance is still a popular candidate for FMVP.


After the game, James also revealed in an interview, "I still have to go back and continue watching the video to see what we can do better." James's spirit of excellence will naturally continue to escort the Zijin Army. Go to the 17th championship in team history.


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