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On June 17, 2013, in an interview with "Five Star Sports", Fan Zhiyi, who looked like he had just finished playing, finally found a way to vent, and he vomited quickly towards the camera:


"Camacho also has reasons to say, what team I am leading, the Spanish team I am leading, who are you in this group, you ask me to take it!"


"What is the current level of Chinese football? Just a few people. You Zhao Peng is playing central defender. Can he play? Can't play! Do you know if you don't have this ability?"


At that time, Fan Zhiyi's anger was the game two days before the interview. The national team lost to the Thai team 1-5 at the Hefei Sports Center. If it is accurate, it should be the Thai youth team.


Zhao Peng, who made many mistakes in the game, became the target of his bombardment.


From then on, Zhao Peng could no longer get rid of the impression brought about by this sentence.


At the end of February 2019, Zhao Peng said in an interview with the media that he had decided to retire and that he would focus on youth training in the future, but he did not intend to talk about it on Weibo or anywhere, so his last Weibo remained in 2018. September 15th.


However, even if it was forwarded to the video of Chang'an Athletics that he played for at the time, some people in the comment area still mentioned what Fan Zhiyi said.


After many years, Fan Zhiyi may have also realized the recoil caused by this sentence. On different occasions, he explained the reasons for his anger:


"For example, at the time of the Thai team, I was not blind. As for us, you want Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, if you say you become an opponent of China again, I think this football is really tired."


"I belonged to this idea at the time, because in our time, playing Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, etc., to put it bluntly is a matter of a few balls."


Whether it was the previous outbreak or the subsequent explanation, almost no one felt that Fan Zhiyi was wrong. Even the person involved, Zhao Peng, felt that the criticism of the seniors was "normal". As he said, "It is true to play this defender in China. It’s not easy to play."


However, just like a game cannot be won by one person, a tragedy cannot be created by Zhao Peng alone.


The 6-15 tragedy made many people who care about Chinese football feel puzzled. "Little Gao is a good player. Why did you change him? Tell me. If you lose 1-5 in Hefei, you tell me how. Explain?"

6-15岁的悲剧使许多关心中国足球的人感到困惑。 “小高是个好球员。你为什么改变他?告诉我。如果你在合肥输了1-5,你告诉我怎么做。解释一下?”

This is a question raised by Fan Zhiyi, and it is also a question of many people.




On August 14, 2011, the Chinese Football Association held a press conference in Beijing and officially hired Camacho as the head coach of the national team.


However, this big-name coach, ranked 46th in the "Top 100 Coaches of the First Decade of the 21st Century", failed to get the kindness and support from inside and outside the circle.

但是,这位大牌教练在“ 21世纪第一个十年百强教练”中排名第46位,但未能获得圈子内外的善意和支持。

On the one hand, many people are still puzzled by the Football Association’s decision to replace Gao Hongbo. On the other hand, it was less than 20 days before the start of the 2014 World Cup Asian Qualifiers. This was definitely not a coaching change. Good time.


However, no amount of confusion can stop the Football Association and Wanda from going their own way.


"After all, Chinese football is lagging behind, and we need to improve our football concept as soon as possible. This is a trend. Wanda's involvement in Chinese football and funding us to hire foreign teachers shows that we have a consensus in this regard and coincide."


"We are not saying that you have to change Gao Hongbo, but you have to change foreign coaches; some people think that Chinese coaches are very good, why do they have to change? This statement is incorrect. We think that Chinese coaches are competent, but they are limited. "


The first sentence was said by Yu Hongchen, then deputy director of the Football Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, and the latter sentence was said by Shi Xueqing, a spokesperson for Wanda Group. It is a pity that they did not get everyone’s understanding. Finally, boss Wang Had to go out in person:


"I found the Chinese people very weird. Our own coach said that he could not lead the team and his level was not good, but once we decided to choose a world-class coach, he said that it was not as good as our own."

“我发现中国人很奇怪。我们自己的教练说他不能带领球队,他的水平也不好,但是一旦我们决定选择世界一流的教练,他说那不如我们自己的教练好。 。”

After enumerating Camacho’s beautiful coaching resume and moving out the theory that “outstanding coaches are not the same thing in a short period of time”, Boss Wang ended the discussion with a powerful sentence:


"If you are really a Chinese, a real fan of the Chinese, not a fake, then start by supporting Camacho, thank you."


In fact, the Football Association also knows that changing coaches is a taboo.


Therefore, when signing the contract, there was no indication of the requirements for performance at all, which made Camacho an absolute strong side in the contract:


There are no hard KPIs and no worries.


Unsurprisingly, the national football team was eliminated in the top 20. Without the task of the competition, they warmed up everywhere. Although they also had a 0-1 small loss to Spain's wonderful performance, what is even more memorable is that the national football team was beaten by Brazil 0-8 in the international A-level competition. The difficult start of the Cup qualifiers pushed Camacho to the crater.


Entering 2013, Camacho will be asked about the dismissal of get out of class at the pre-match conference of every game.


In May, Camacho revealed a lot of information in an exclusive interview with The Beijing News.


First of all, he stated that he did not have the position of "Chief Designer of Chinese Football Youth Training" in his contract. In addition, he feels that his work has not received strong support from the Football Association:


"When the national team trains, I will see that the players who should be there are not there. From the club's point of view, it is more important for these players to play in the AFC Champions League and the league, and you have to know that I am the national team coach. How does the Football Association coordinate, I can't control it."


"I sometimes want to choose some players, but individual clubs are more selfish and say that they want to use it. This kind of selfishness exists in reality. If the club is to protect their players, then I will be no one."


In addition, "In the national team, many things are not for me to decide, such as training here today, and training there tomorrow." And it was on the June International Match Day when he lost his job, three warm-up matches They were placed in Hohhot, Beijing and Hefei.


Seems to be at home, but played away.




The twisted melon is not sweet, and it is a perfect fit to describe the relationship between Camacho and Chinese football.


Except for the complacency of the three top executives of the General Administration of Sports, the Football Association and Wanda, almost no one has been optimistic about Camacho's prospects. Coupled with the poor performance of the Spaniard, negative news broke out one after another.


From the Football Association renting a house for Camacho to being asked why he did not resign at the press conference, the Chinese Football Association has hardly tried to maintain a good coaching environment for Camacho, and even in the second year of coaching Camacho, it began to spread. The Football Association intends to replace Camacho's voice with Lippi.


The current situation is so chaotic, the atmosphere of unity created by Gao Hongbo has completely disappeared, and the international players naturally can't lift their spirits.


On June 6, the national football team lost 1-2 to Uzbekistan in Hohhot. Five days later, they lost to the Netherlands 0-2 in Beijing.


In terms of results alone, it is acceptable, but in the team, the physical condition of the players is not ideal. Yu Hai said: “Before we played in Thailand, we played two games in two different places within four days. Each player also played in the club before, and the previous game was also lost. So everyone was very fatigue."


Feng Xiaoting, one of the witnesses, recalled the situation before the game. Seeing the degree of fatigue in the team, Camacho decided to rotate, so many of the main players, including him, reduced their training intensity:


"In the first two days of training before the game, they all played there. We played on the side, grabbed the lap and recovered, and basically played there, because there is no need to play."


Being so relaxed is also related to the Thai team.


But this Thai team is no longer the belly of Fan Zhiyi's heart. In 2012, the Thai Football Association formulated a ten-year plan called "Thailand Refueling Power", and the basis of the plan is the extensive passion of Thais for football.


According to the data guided by Zhang Lu, there are “two to three hundred thousand children” who play in Thailand. Therefore, although most of the Thai team that came to Hefei are young players born in the 90s, they are absolutely powerful. Not to be underestimated. The "Thai Messi" Songkrasin, now known by Asian fans, was in this team at that time.


However, most of the national football players are still stuck in the inherent impression, but also want to use a victory to end this period of national team training.


After arriving in Hefei, Camacho seemed to smell dangerous.


In the two or three days before the game, he has been in the locker room constantly admonishing players not to relax and attach importance to the Thai opponent. Perhaps it is for this reason that he decided to put some key players in the starting lineup, even if their training intensity was not enough the previous day.


Therefore, on the night of the game, the starting lineup included players like Geng Xiaofeng who represented the national team for the first time, players like Zheng Zheng and Zhou Yun who were inexperienced in the national team, and several main players with physical fatigue. The players themselves are not in good condition and are not familiar with each other. Seeing his name appearing on the starting list, Feng Xiaoting was "all surprised":


"At that time, the muscle fatigue was extremely high, and when I basically couldn't run, I was very tired."


"You can't say no when you are in battle, so go ahead."




With a whistle from South Korean referee Kim Dongjin, the game officially kicked off at 19:40 Beijing time.


Camacho still has the usual 4231 formation. The goalkeeper is Geng Xiaofeng. The four guards from left to right are Zheng Zheng, Zhao Peng, Feng Xiaoting and Zhou Yun. The double midfielders are Qin Sheng and Liu Jian. To take the lead, the left and right midfielders are Yu Hanchao and Wu Lei, and the single center forward at the top is the National Football Team Fujiang Dabao.


Wang Yongpo's mistake

Wang Yong pos mistake

In the opening 18 seconds, Wang Yongpo, who retreated to the middle circle, did not form a tacit understanding with Feng Xiaoting. The latter only caught up before the ball could be out of bounds. This mistake may have already heralded the end of the national football team. .

在开场的18秒内,退回到中圈的王永坡没有与冯小婷形成默契。后者只是在球出界之前追上了球。这个错误可能已经预示着国家橄榄球队的终结。 。

After the opening, the Thai team was still afraid of the strength of the national football team and focused on the midfield, which also gave the national football team a more calm space to take the ball.


Thailand shot through the left rib penalty area


However, it was the Thai team who completed the first shot. At 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the Thai team used the outer ball to become a threat. The ball was confiscated by Geng Xiaofeng because he failed to fully exert his strength in the close-fitting situation.


Less than 2 minutes later, the national football team returned to the color.


Yu Dabao and Hanchao cooperate with shooting


A long pass from the backfield of the National Football team found Yu Dabao who was in the middle of the game. After the latter stopped the ball in his chest, he knocked the ball to the inserted Yu Hanchao. Unfortunately, his shot was destroyed by the Thailand defender.

来自国家橄榄球队后场的长传找到了正在比赛中的于大宝。后者将球停在胸口后,他将球击至插入的Yu Hanchao。不幸的是,他的射门被泰国后卫摧毁。

After testing in the opening stage, the Thai team gradually touched the doorway.


They began to deploy heavy troops in the midfield to strengthen the press for the national football midfielders. Facing the fast and swift pressing of Thai players, the national football players began to expose their weaknesses in passing and receiving the ball.


It stands to reason to use strengths and avoid weaknesses. At this time, the national football team should give full play to its characteristics of height and maturity, and use physical confrontation advantages to eliminate its weaknesses. However, under the request of Spanish Camacho, the national team players are strictly required to pass short passes. Play the ball, strengthen running, and use fast passes to deal with the opponent's press.


This is indeed the "advanced concept" football style that the Chinese Football Association hopes to see, but in less than two years of national team training, this is impossible.


What's more, this is a starting lineup dominated by substitute players.


Under the pressure of the Thai team, the situation began to gradually decline.


It was at this time that even Yu Hai, who was sitting on the bench, could see that something was wrong: "This Thai team is very different from our impression."

就是在这个时候,甚至坐在亚博平台APP板凳上的于海(Yu Hai)也会发现出了点问题:“这支泰国队与我们的印象大不相同。”

However, it was too late.


Zhao Peng Zheng Zheng was beaten for the first time

Zhao peng Z横Z横was beaten fort和first time

Zhao Peng Zheng Zheng was beaten for the second time

Zhao peng Z横Z横was beaten fort和second time

From 8 minutes 30 seconds to 9 minutes, in just 30 seconds, the Thai team caught the gap between Zhao Peng and Zheng Zheng twice. After the left rib had been penetrated once, the right rib also began to leak. .

从8分钟30秒到9分钟,仅用30秒,泰国队两次抓到了赵鹏和郑铮之间的差距。左肋骨一次穿透后,右肋骨也开始泄漏。 。

Seven minutes later, the Thai team scored the first goal.


Thailand's first goal


With the cooperation of right forward Pampak, right midfielder Peng Jian, and right back Wan Nasri, the Thai team once again penetrated the right rib of the Chinese team. After the shot was blocked, Wan Nasri transferred to the front of the penalty area. On the other side, Anan was already unmarked.

在右前卫潘帕克,右中场彭健和右后卫万纳斯里的合作下,泰国队再次打入了中国队的右肋。射门被封盖后,万纳斯里(Wan Nasri)转至禁区前方。另一方面,阿南(Anan)尚未被标记。

As He Wei said, "Anan kicked this ball more easily than he did when he was training, and he completed a shot." A curved ball went directly over Geng Xiaofeng's hands.


"It's okay to come up, but I got beaten up when I came up."


After losing the ball at home, Feng Xiaoting and his teammates began to feel the pressure, but still had the confidence to get the score back. What really made them feel wrong was the second goal.


Thailand's second goal


In 22 minutes, Zhao Peng came out to top Anan, and the other teammates neither interfered with the Thai team’s goal point, nor did they defend Zhao Peng’s back, which is equivalent to being directly two or one by the Thai team. The first to turn around, Anan drove the ball straight to the penalty area. At this time, it was supposed to be the time when all the members quickly returned to defense, but the Chinese team's goal was always three defenses and three.


As a result, Feng Xiaoting missed Claisson behind him, and the latter completed the goal after receiving a cross.


"I think the opponent may be weak, and we are a little underestimated. When we think about it, we can't get it tight anymore."


Behind 0-2, Zhao Peng on the field, Yu Hai off the field, and many teammates did not expect that at home, they lost two goals after just 20 minutes of the game, but when they hoped they could play again. , It's already difficult.

在0-2落后的情况下,赵鹏在场上,余海不在场上,许多队友没想到在主场比赛仅仅20分钟就丢了两个进球,但是当他们希望自己能再打一次时。 ,这已经很困难。

Feng Xiaoting singled out

Fe ng ξ奥汀singled out

At 24 minutes and 30 seconds, the Thai team threw out the ball. When Zhou Yun could not get a point and Zhao Peng could not clear the threat first, Feng Xiaoting's body posture revealed helpless emotions.


From that moment on, the Chinese team has shown signs of collapse.


With the cheering from the audience, Camacho made the decision to substitute.


He replaced Qin Sheng, Zhou Yun and Feng Xiaoting with Zhao Xuri, Sun Ke and Lang Zheng. "It is impossible to let me play. I will not be allowed to play on my condition." After many years, Feng Xiaoting talked about the substitution. , Said so.

他用赵旭日,孙可和郎征代替秦胜,周云和冯小婷。 “让我玩是不可能的。我将不被允许以我的状态参加比赛。”多年后,冯小婷谈到了替代。 , 我说过了。

Yu Dabao made a penalty kick

Y UD A宝马DEA penalty kick

The Chinese team, which is two goals behind, can no longer care about any "advanced ideas" and do their homework. In 31 minutes, Sun Ke made a long pass to find Yu Dabao, who won a penalty with continuous dribbling.


Wang Yongpo hits a penalty kick


Wang Yongpo, who fought the penalty, made a steady hit, and the Chinese team got a point.


After the goal, the Chinese team regained a sense of feeling, but since then the opponent's offensive has no achievements and the first half ended.


After the intermission, Camacho modified his tactics. He replaced Liu Jian and Yu Dabao with Yang Xu and Gao Lin, and changed the formation to 442, hoping to use two tall forwards to give the Thai team a defensive line. Bring more pressure.


At this moment, he also knows that this is not a game for running tactics and players. It has become a game that must be won by all means.


However, after a few passes that failed to form a threat, the Thai team scored the third goal in the beginning of the second half, completely defeating the national football player's psychological defense.


Thailand's third goal


In 51 minutes, the Thai team completed a counter-grab in the frontcourt. The 45-degree diagonal pass was touched by Songkrasin and then changed. The ball came to Claeson’s feet and faced Zhao Peng one-on-one. He easily swayed out of space. Finishing the shot created the biggest stain in Zhao Peng's 15-year career.

在51分钟内,泰国队在前场完成了反抢。 Songkrasin触摸了45度对角线,然后进行了更改。球传到克莱森的脚上,一对一面对赵鹏。他轻易地离开了太空。完成射击创造了赵鹏15年职业生涯中最大的污点。

Once the ball is lost, the suspense of victory and defeat ends.


The fans in the Hefei Sports Center are no longer reserved, and finally shouted the voice of many national football fans: "get out of class!" Since then, the national football team has continued to increase the offensive end, and the Thai team has used the advantage of the number of midfielders to push again and again. The mistakes of the overseas football team formed their own counterattack.


Thailand's fourth goal


In 61 minutes, Zhao Xuri made a mistake in the midfield, and Songkrasin scored the ball and scored a long shot, 1-4.


The fans could no longer suppress their anger, and turned directly and shouted "five to one."


No matter which corner of the stadium, the voice is very clear, maybe only Camacho himself can not understand, and there is still half an hour before the end of the game.


At the final moments of the game, the "wish" was fulfilled. The Thai team scored the fifth goal, and the Hefei Sports Center became a sea of ​​celebration and anger.


Thailand's fifth goal


"When it was 5-1, the Thai players were also stupid. They said that they had never experienced this kind of game in their career. They also wanted to let the game end quickly and don't embarrass the host."


A year later, Andy, the physical fitness coach of the Thai team, talked about the game. In his own words, "This is an abnormal game", so abnormal that even Thai players find it strange.


Therefore, after that game, "the players collectively killed Camacho" and "it has something to do with gambling", a large number of conspiracy theories began to emerge on the Internet, and the recoil generated by these opinions was greater than that of the national football players that night. The scolding is even bigger.


After the game, angry fans besieged the national football team in the stadium. They shouted "Disband!" and "get out of class!" from the sidelines. The players sitting in the locker room were confused and lost five goals. Geng Xiaofeng couldn't understand the scolding anymore, he just kept thinking about the game.


Outside the locker room, a large number of reporters are waiting for an answer.


The Football Association originally wanted to reject all interviews, but soon changed their minds. As the captain and veteran players, Zhao Peng and Gao Lin expressed their opinions on behalf of the players. Zhao Peng has been apologizing, and Gao Lin said "The national team is at this level." Brought him more trouble.


That night, the Chinese Football Association held an emergency meeting to characterize the game as "an'abnormal and unacceptable' game". It is precisely because of this characterization that Camacho's destiny is doomed.


In order to clarify the reasons behind this game, the Football Association even asked all players to submit a written report. In the report, Yu Hai gave the reasons for fatigue and underestimation of the enemy, and other players were similar.


However, things are not that simple.


Before the match against the Thai team, both Liu Jianhong and Ma Dexing heard the news: A club called their national football team and asked them to "slow down" in the last warm-up match.


Zheng Zhi and Sun Xiang were even recalled by the club before the game.


With such a shameful loss to the Thai team, as the head coach, Camacho is obviously responsible, but Camacho himself is far more than the role that created such a game.


In formation, these are Camacho’s pots; bravely underestimating the enemy, these are the players’ pots; to encourage players to stay in the game, these are the club’s pots; in the first international match day, three warm-up matches are arranged , Arranged in three far apart cities, these are the pots of the Football Association; rather than set performance requirements, let the selection team sign a foreign handsome, who is this pot?


No one knows, but what we know is that the price paid is that the Football Association lost 50 million yuan just by firing Camacho.


There are still many dreams of post-85 players.


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