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亚博开奖结果-崔康熙:最重要一场动用所有资源 取胜才算完成目标

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   At 15:30 on September 27th, Beijing time, the 14th round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League Dalian Division will be held at the Dalian Youth Training Base. Shanghai Shenhua will face Henan Jianye. In this campaign, Shenhua fought for the top four in the Dalian competition, and its opponent Jianye ranked bottom in the standings. In the final battle of the first stage, in the face of the recent consecutive losses of Lien Chan and the former dominance of Henan Jianye, who had no existence of various dissatisfaction and temperament, Shenhua had a clear goal, which was to win.


   Although in the first round of the first round of this season, Jianye drew with Shenhua 0-0, but after 13 rounds, Jianye 1 wins, 3 draws, 9 losses and 6 points ranked the bottom of the Dalian Division. From an objective point of view, Jianye has a messed up record this season, and losses in recent games are the norm. At present, the team can ensure that they will not be defeated by the opponent by a large score, even if the team performs well.


   Cui Kangxi bluntly said that winning tomorrow will count as achieving the goal


   Tomorrow's game, Shenhua can secure a place in the championship group as long as she wins. How does the team prepare for a game that Shenhua attaches great importance to? Shenhua's head coach Cui Kangxi said: "During such hard days, we have walked to the present day by day, and tomorrow will usher in the last game. I hope that the players can continue to the end with such a good attitude and fighting spirit.

明天的比赛中,只要她获胜,申花就可以在冠军组中获得一席之地。球队如何为申花十分重视的比赛做准备?神华总教练崔康熙说:“在这么艰难的日子里,我们走到了今天,明天将迎来最后一场比赛。我希望球员们能够以如此良好的态度和战斗精神继续走到最后。 。

   The team is able to go to this day, and it is also dependent on our players. I hope that in tomorrow's game, the players can play with confidence and boldness, and hope that there will be a good result. "

球队能够走到今天,这也取决于我们的球员。我希望在明天的比赛中,球员们能够放心大胆地比赛,并希望能取得好成绩。 ”

   The starting lineup of the last game was the victory of the all-China class. Will this starting lineup continue in the game tomorrow? In the last game, all players faced severe psychological and physical tests. In spirit, what encouragement does the coach and the club give to the players?


Faced with these focal issues of concern from the outside world, Cui Kangxi said: "The players are in a state of physical fatigue. This is a fact. Moreover, we have considered the physical problems of the players in our previous games against R&F and Suning. .


  Although they are prepared in this way, players like Peng Xinli have to repeatedly use them to play games. There is no way. In addition, the players have overcome many difficulties on the spiritual level and moral quality.


  Although we played in the Chinese class in the last game, the team's tactical execution was very good, and it met the requirements for victory and achieved good results.


   Tomorrow’s lineup will still need to be observed through today’s training. The last game is also a very important game. We will use all our resources, including Moreno, to try our best to play this game. "

明天的训练仍然需要通过今天的训练来观察。最后一场比赛也是非常重要的一场比赛。我们将使用包括莫雷诺(Moreno)在内的所有资源来尽最大努力玩这个游戏。 ”

   The team achieved a long-lost victory in the last game. Although it hasn't won for a long time, everyone didn't celebrate after the last game. Are they preparing for tomorrow's game starting from the last game? Cui Kangxi said frankly: "The long-lost victory really made everyone very happy, but after all we have not achieved our goal.


   We need to win tomorrow's game to say that we have completed the first phase of the goal. The players are also restrained for this reason. I hope that the players can maintain their original mentality and fight until the end to successfully complete the game tomorrow. "

我们需要赢得明天的比赛,才能说我们已经完成了目标的第一阶段。玩家也因此而受到限制。我希望玩家能够保持自己的初衷并继续战斗,直到明天成功完成比赛。 ”

  Chongguan Road, Mr. Key is eager to continue the victory


In the last round of league R&F against Shenhua, Peng Xinli and Bi Jinhao became the key players in the game, and scored three vital points for Shenhua on the fourth road. After the game, Shenhua fans gave the two goal players "Peng Bi Shenhui" Such a reputation.


Regarding the preparations for tomorrow’s battle, Peng Xinli, the scoring hero who broke the deadlock for the team last round, said: “Tomorrow is the last game and the most important game here. Whether we are mentally or physically, I have made the best preparations, and hope that tomorrow I will have good luck and win the game smoothly."


Regarding the excellent performance of the last game and Bi Jinhao, Peng Xinli said: "When I was a child, I played with Bi Jinhao. When I was a national youth, then there was a certain tacit understanding with each other. I hope the good luck of the last game will continue to tomorrow's game. ." (Qu Xiaoyou)

关于最后一场比赛和毕金浩的出色表现,彭新立说:“我小时候和毕金浩一起玩。小时候我是国家青年,那段时间彼此之间有一定的默契。希望上一场比赛的好运将继续到明天的比赛。” (曲小友)

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