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   News from China Government Network on October 10, the people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all directly affiliated institutions:


   Strengthening the construction of national fitness facilities (hereinafter referred to as fitness facilities) and developing mass sports is an important public service function of the people's governments at all levels, and is an inevitable requirement for implementing the national fitness strategy for all and implementing a healthy China initiative. In order to promote the construction of fitness facilities, promote the vigorous development of mass sports, and improve the public service level of national fitness, with the approval of the State Council, the following opinions are hereby provided.




Guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, improve the top-level design of fitness facilities, increase the effective supply of fitness facilities, and complement the people The fitness facilities in China are short, vigorously carry out mass sports activities, and coordinate the promotion of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the promotion of national fitness. Strive to effectively solve the bottleneck problem that restricts the planning and construction of fitness facilities by 2025, the linkage working mechanism of relevant departments will be more complete and efficient, the configuration of fitness facilities will be more reasonable, the fitness environment will be significantly improved, and a good atmosphere for the masses to participate in sports and fitness will be formed.




   (1) Find out the shortcomings. All regions should promptly initiate a survey on the status quo of fitness facilities in their regions, evaluate the layout and open use of fitness facilities, and check out the shortcomings of fitness facilities construction in accordance with relevant standards and regulations and the needs of the people. At the same time, it is necessary to systematically sort out the urban free land, corner land, park green space, urban road and bridge auxiliary land, factory buildings, building roofs and other space resources that can be used to construct fitness facilities, as well as urban cultural entertainment, elderly care, education, and commercial And other facilities resources, formulate and publish to the public non-sports-use land and non-sports building catalogs or guidelines that can be used to build fitness facilities.

(1)找出缺点。各地区要及时开展本地区健身设施现状调查,评估健身设施的布局和开放使用,并根据有关标准,法规和群众的需要,检查健身设施建设的弊端。 。同时,有必要系统地梳理城市自由地,拐角地带,公园绿地,城市道路和桥梁辅助用地,工厂建筑物,建筑物屋顶和其他可用于建设健身设施的空间资源。以及城市文化娱乐,老年人护理,教育和商业及其他设施资源,制定并向公众发布可用于建造健身设施的非运动用途土地和非运动建筑目录或指南。

   (2) Develop an action plan. All regions should combine relevant plans to formulate a five-year action plan for the construction of fitness facilities to make up for the shortcomings within one year, clarify the annual goals and tasks, focus on the people’s fitness needs nearby, and give priority to planning and constructing a community-friendly, convenient and accessible national fitness center, multi-functional Sports grounds, sports parks, fitness trails, fitness squares, small football fields and other fitness facilities, and overall consideration should be given to adding emergency refuge (risk) functions. For large-scale sports venues that are really necessary, strict examination and approval, reasonable layout, and community use should be taken into consideration.


   (3) Standardize audit procedures. When organizing the preparation of relevant plans involving the construction of fitness facilities, all regions shall solicit the opinions of the competent sports authorities at the same level on the content of the construction of fitness facilities; when reviewing and approving the construction project design plan, they must follow the national standards and regulations on the planning and construction of fitness facilities Strictly check. For fitness facilities that have been completed, delivered, newly built or rebuilt, strict use management must be performed to prevent embezzlement.




   (4) Revitalize free land in cities. Under the premise of not affecting the implementation of relevant planning and transportation, city appearance, safety, etc., all regions can provide urban free land to build fitness facilities in accordance with the application of social entities, and can manage them in accordance with compatible uses and local regulations on temporary construction.


   (5) Make good use of urban public welfare construction land. Encourage the use of urban public welfare construction land to build fitness facilities in accordance with laws and regulations, and make overall consideration of emergency refuge (risk) needs. On the premise of not obstructing flood control and water supply safety, fitness trails can be built along the banks of rivers and lakes and beaches in accordance with laws and regulations.


  (6) Support land supply through lease. Encourage all regions to provide land for the construction of fitness facilities to social forces in the form of leasing, under the premise of conforming to the urban planning, and the lease term should not exceed 20 years. If the land is provided in the form of lease first, after the fitness facilities are completed and opened and the agreed conditions and years are reached, the land transfer procedures can be handled by agreement, and the transferred land should continue to be used for the construction and operation of fitness facilities. For the land that is transferred by bidding, auction and listing according to the needs of the purpose, it shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations. Where the land use rights for state-owned construction land must be transferred through bidding, auction, and quotation according to law, lease-and-transfer, or a combination of lease-and-remise shall be implemented. The procedures for bidding, auction and quotation can be implemented at the time of leasing and supply.


   (7) Advocate a mixed land use model. Support the functional integration of fitness facilities and other public service facilities. Under the premise of not changing or affecting the main purpose of construction land, encourage the use of land to construct fitness facilities, and promote the implementation of fitness facilities projects by reaching a use agreement with land owners with compatible uses. In the planning and construction of facilities for the elderly, adequate fitness space should be arranged.




   (8) Simplify approval procedures. All regions should increase the intensity of the reform of delegating control and service in the field of fitness facilities construction approval, and coordinate the development and reform, finance, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and urban-rural construction, sports, water affairs, emergency management, gardening, urban management and other relevant functional departments in the region. Simplify and optimize the approval procedures to improve the efficiency of the approval of fitness facilities.


   (9) Encourage reconstruction and construction. All regions should coordinate the construction of sports, public health, and emergency refuge (risk) facilities, promote the transformation of public stadiums for peacetime and warfare, reserve conditions for reconstruction in the process of new construction or reconstruction of public stadiums, and strengthen their prevention and control of major epidemics. The function of risk avoidance. Relevant renovations shall comply with relevant laws, regulations and technical standards for project construction, and specific requirements shall be separately formulated by the General Administration of Sports, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, National Health Commission, and Emergency Management Department. Support the construction of air-film structure gymnasiums and prefabricated gymnasiums that meet environmental protection and safety requirements During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, approximately 1,000 sports parks will be built or renovated across the country to create a new carrier for national fitness.


   (Ten) Implement community supporting requirements. Newly built residential quarters shall be equipped with community fitness facilities in accordance with relevant requirements and regulations, and shall be planned, constructed, checked and delivered simultaneously with the residence, and shall not be embezzled or embezzled. Support real estate development companies to build fitness centers and other facilities in accordance with the actual needs of new communities and emergency refuge (risk) needs. Existing residential communities where community fitness facilities do not meet the planning requirements or construction standards should be closely integrated with the transformation of old communities in cities and towns to coordinate the construction of community fitness facilities. Those who do not have the conditions for the construction of standard fitness facilities are encouraged to construct non-standard fitness facilities flexibly.


   (11) Support social participation. On the premise that the outdoor fitness facilities invested and constructed by social forces meet the relevant planning requirements, all relevant parties shall negotiate and determine the ownership of the fitness facilities in accordance with the law. The ownership and functional use of the fitness facilities shall not be changed without authorization within 5 years after completion. Social forces can apply for the use of urban idle land, reserved construction land or land that has been clearly designated as cultural and sports land but has not yet been provided for construction of temporary outdoor fitness facilities. The use time generally does not exceed 2 years and cannot affect the land. supply.


   (12) Promotion and entrusted operation. Promote the project of "renovating functions and reforming mechanisms" of public stadiums. Standardize the entrusted business model, compile and promote the government entrusted social forces to operate the demonstration contract text of public stadiums. Encourage the adoption of public bidding methods to screen operating teams, and encourage the entrusting of public sports venue reservations, event information release, and business service statistics to social forces to improve operational efficiency.


   (13) Promote the opening of facilities.


   (14) Strengthen informatization construction. The management and operation of public stadiums must actively implement the standards and regulations of stadium informatization construction, establish a perfect appointment system, open appointments and complete information registration through instant messaging tools, mobile clients, official websites, telephones and other channels to ensure that personnel entering and leaving the stadium It can be traced back, and the admission limit can be adjusted in time according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. For open outdoor fitness facilities, their managers should monitor the necessary flow of people, and promptly channel them if they find excessive crowds.




   (15) Enriching community sports events. The General Administration of Sports shall strengthen overall planning and guidance and top-level design, combined with the development of "I want to go to the National Games" mass sports events, and create a "National Community Games that combines online and offline competitions, participation of the whole society, multi-project coverage, and multi-level linkages. "To give full play to the active role of community sports events in stimulating the spirit of fighting, promoting neighborhood exchanges, and enhancing community identity. Strengthen project promotion and comprehensive guarantee, stimulate the enthusiasm of community organizations to co-organize events, and support qualified school sports clubs to host community sports events. Guide social forces to undertake community sports events and training projects through the government's purchase of services. Event organizers must strictly implement safety management requirements such as epidemic prevention and formulate relevant plans.


   (16) Promote "Internet + Fitness". Relying on existing platforms and resources, entrust professional institutions to develop a national community sports activity management service system based on PC, mobile and third-party platforms, and integrate the layout of national public fitness facilities, scientific fitness knowledge, social sports instructors and other content to achieve fitness Facilities query and reservation, social sports instructor consultation, sports training registration and other functions, and serve as the general service guarantee platform for the "National Community Games". Relying on the platform, using market-oriented methods to build the "National Community Games" brand, encouraging online and offline community events that are being carried out or planned in various regions to voluntarily join the platform, and provide organizational management, talent and technology support for related activities, Improve the level of intelligence, informatization and digitalization of public services for national fitness.


   (17) Promote home fitness. In accordance with the requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, vigorously promote home fitness and national fitness network events, and give full play to the positive role of national fitness in improving the health and immunity of the whole people. In the Healthy China Action series, we will vigorously promote the home fitness promotion plan, and encourage all regions to cooperate with online sports platforms to run home fitness courses. Encourage sports stars and other sports professionals to participate in fitness live broadcast activities, popularize sports fitness knowledge, provide scientific fitness guidance, and stimulate people's fitness enthusiasm.


   (18) Consolidate the foundation of organizational talents. All regions should speed up the formulation and improvement of community sports related standards and system norms. Cultivate and develop social sports instructors' associations, community sports clubs and other grassroots sports organizations. Strengthen the construction of the team of social sports instructors, optimize the hierarchical system of social sports instructors, and play a full role in organizing community sports activities and guiding scientific fitness.




  The General Administration of Sports shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, formulate work plans and work ledgers for the implementation of this opinion, follow up and evaluate the implementation of this opinion by the governments of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and provide supervision and guidance. All relevant departments should strengthen communication and coordination, pay close attention to detailed fitness facilities planning, land use, open operation and other policies and standards, improve measures to develop community sports and home fitness, and guide local governments to do the relevant work. All regions should include the planning and construction of fitness facilities, open use and development of mass sports into key work arrangements, establish and improve working mechanisms with clear responsibilities, reasonable division of labor, and joint management, and propose specific implementation measures that meet the actual conditions of the region.


   (The original title is "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Construction of National Fitness Facilities and Developing Mass Sports")


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