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After 19 years of life in a simple and quiet manner, Tang Huanfeng's future is like the sea he dreams of, still with many unknown possibilities.


After playing professionally, Tang Huanfeng occasionally wants to be quiet by himself.


In fact, if you grab him and throw him into a bunch of people his age, he is probably the quietest one. When I was in high school, teacher Pang, the head teacher, first noticed this special child. "The students in the class I led were very jumping and naughty, but he gave me the feeling that a person is thinking about things in a corner, a very thoughtful student."

实际上,如果您抓住他并把他扔给同年龄的人,他可能是最安静的人。当我上高中时,班主任潘老师首先注意到了这个特殊的孩子。 “我所带领的班上的学生都很跳跃而且调皮,但是他给我的感觉是,一个人在思考角落里的事情,一个非常体贴的学生。”

Later, Tang Huanfeng left school and embarked on the path of professional gaming. The IGY club manager Guo Kui had the same impression when he first met him. "In the beginning, he was not very good at communicating with others, and there was not much communication in the game." After getting along a lot, Guo Kui found that the child was often holding back his thoughts and needed emotional counseling. "Sometimes you can see what he is thinking, at this time you often need to help him make a decision."

后来,唐焕峰离开学校,走上了职业游戏之路。 IGY俱乐部的经理郭奎初次见到他时也有同样的印象。 “一开始,他不太擅长与人交流,游戏中也没有太多交流。”经过一段愉快的相处之后,郭奎发现孩子经常隐瞒自己的想法,需要情感上的辅导。 “有时您可以看到他的想法,这时您通常需要帮助他做出决定。”

At the beginning of the 2020 season, Tang Huanfeng moved to the SN club and came to the LPL for the first time. Before the spring game was over, the training manager Yuan Xi gradually discovered the child's inner loneliness. Sometimes when the team is on holiday, Huanfeng will buy a subway ticket at will, follow the subway circle after circle, or get off from a station at random, walk around by himself, and then return to the subway again. "It's like playing a game of Monopoly. Go to a stop and take a look." Yuan Xi once asked him why he did this, and the other side replied that this was his way of decompression.

2020赛季初,唐焕峰转会至SN俱乐部,并首次参加LPL。在春季游戏结束之前,培训经理袁熙逐渐发现了孩子的内心孤独感。有时,当团队度假时,欢峰会随意购买地铁票,循圈走地铁,或随机从车站下车,自己走走,然后再返回地铁。 “这就像玩大富翁游戏。停下来看看。”袁希曾经问过他为什么要这样做,而对方回答说这是他的减压方式。

For Tang Huanfeng, coming to the SN club and being on the stage of LPL may not be the biggest turning point in his 19-year-old life, but it is one of the few turning points that he has worked hard to achieve in a good direction. Before that, he experienced helpless childhood and youth, and experienced struggles and ups and downs at the bottom of e-sports.


In mid-2019, Tang Huanfeng, who was still at IGY at the time, used his vacation after the end of the spring game to return to his hometown, a seaside city in Guangxi. After returning home, he came to the port located in the south of the city. On the shore, the summer wind blows into his short sleeves from every direction. Looking down from a high place, fishing boats pass by on the narrow river. At that moment, time was a short stay for him, and Tang Huanfeng felt completely empty for the first time since playing professionally.


"Do you know? It's actually really hard to think about nothing. Only that time was that way." After the vacation, Tang Huanfeng, who had returned to the team, had the idea of ​​going to see the sea. He thought that if there is a chance in the future, he must go to the beach once, maybe he can find the same feeling.


When he was a child, Tang Huanfeng’s mother often asked him an unanswerable question: If I were separated from your dad, who would you live with?


Changes in the family also occurred at that time. In Tang Huanfeng's childhood when he was forcibly shortened by reality, his parents seemed to be in a constant conflict. "I hid in my room when they quarreled, but in fact, that room is not soundproof and can be heard."

那时家庭也发生了变化。在唐焕凤的童年被现实逼迫缩短的时候,他的父母似乎一直处于冲突之中。 “当他们吵架时,我躲在我的房间里,但是实际上,那个房间不是隔音的,可以听到。”

There are many reasons for the contradiction, about the father’s other family, about the mother’s financial difficulties. When Huanfeng was in the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school, once his mother picked him up on an electric car, she suddenly said on the way that the family had no money to buy vegetables and could only buy a green onion. Huanfeng thought at the time, how could it be possible.


Later, in the quarrels of his parents, he often acted as a microphone for his mother to ask his father for money. "There were also times when I was arguing in front of me about what to do with the rent and living expenses this month. But my mother was also forced to do so. At that time, she didn't have a job."

后来,在父母的争吵中,他经常充当麦克风,让母亲向父亲要钱。 “有时候我还在我面前争论这个月的房租和生活费用。但是我母亲也被迫这样做。那时,她没有工作。”

In the first semester of junior high school, my mother left home for a short time. Later, she appeared again one night in the first semester, and then packed up and returned to her hometown. It was a silent midnight. Tang Huanfeng, who was sitting in front of the computer, watched his mother enter the house, and watched her mother leave with the suitcase. He asked where he was going, but he heard no answer except the sound of closing the door.


Since then, 12-year-old Tang Huanfeng has started a life alone. Suddenly he was the only one left in the cabin where he lived with his parents since childhood. His father gave him two hundred yuan every half month, and occasionally came back from another home to use the computer reserved for him. Most of the lights in the room were broken, and at night, only the bright light from the computer screen was used as the illuminator.


"Sometimes I look at other people relying on others, it feels very bad. I am used to dealing with things alone, and it's good to be independent early." In that cabin, Tang Huanfeng lived alone for three years.


The broken family also affected Huanfeng's view of the world and people. He began to feel that his father and mother's performance in front of him was just "pretending to be for himself." After living alone, he "didn't know what a really good person is, and would not believe in such a person." When I was in junior high school, a classmate who ran a hotel lived across from Huanfeng’s home. Every morning the two of them rode half-hour bicycles to school together. After learning about the situation at Huanfeng's home, that classmate would buy something early and bring it to him from time to time. At first, Huanfeng said he wanted to pay, but the other side said forget it, please. As the number of treats increased, Huanfeng once asked him on his way to school: Why is it so good to me? Opposite him, we are not classmates, are we friends. Another time, Tang Huanfeng stumbled on the beach and was swept into the sea by the tide. There were many people on the shore, but the classmate jumped into the water and grabbed his hand.


When she lived in high school, there was a girl who often asked Tang Huanfeng for physics tutoring. When she returned to school on Sunday, she would take some food from home to her classmates. For Huanfeng at the time, this seemed to be "good enough not to be true." ". He also asked the girl the same question, why is it so good to others? The other side answered, isn't it normal?

高中生活的时候,有一个女孩经常向唐焕峰求助。周日重返学校时,她会从家里带些食物给同学。对于当时的欢峰来说,这似乎“足够好,不能成立”。 “。他也问那个女孩同样的问题,为什么对别人这么好?对方回答,这很正常吗?

"Slowly these two things changed my perception of other people." During the day, Tang Huanfeng went to school and got along with classmates like a normal child; after school, he was alone in a room without lights. To the computer; at night, he sleeps alone on the sofa. In the past, his own small room still contained his childhood objects—comic books, toys, and model knives from online games. After living alone, he never fell asleep in that room once.


Day by day as a teenager passed, the answer to that question in the past began to become clear in Huanfeng's heart. If parents are separated, who have you been with?


"Myself. A computer, a school, a classmate. Enough, just live like this."


From a certain moment on, Tang Huanfeng had a promise that must be fulfilled in his heart. It was during the winter vacation after the end of the third semester of junior high school. As the New Year approached, Tang Huanfeng and his father returned to the countryside to celebrate the New Year.


For the Chinese New Year, Huanfeng as a child has always been resisting-there are people on his father's side that he doesn't know. After returning home, he will inevitably encounter various exclusions. He has been scolded more often, and he has a shadow. But that time, his father didn't give him room to bargain, "You don't want to go back, what can you do to stay here?" Living in a small place and a small city, every family will return to the countryside during the Chinese New Year, staying here alone, even eating. Places are hard to find.


There is a big family with a father in the countryside. Huanfeng ranks tenth among a bunch of children. Everyone calls him "Ashi". On New Year's Eve, the three brothers "Ajiu", "Ashi" and "Eleventh" did not stay at home to watch the night. They secretly escaped from the house and went straight to the Internet cafe overnight.

乡下有一个大家庭,有一个父亲。欢峰在一群孩子中排名第十。每个人都称他为“芦”。在除夕,三个兄弟“ Ajiu”,“ Ashi”和“ Eleventh”没有留在家看夜。他们偷偷从屋子里逃了出来,整夜直奔网吧。

"'Ajiu''s family situation is similar to mine, and we both like to play games. Then the '11' parents refused to let him play with us, and said that if they went out with us again, they would kill him." That night, the parents' discipline turned into a bubble that burst with a single poke in the face of the temptation of the Internet cafe.

“'Ajiu'的家庭状况和我的相似,我们俩都喜欢玩游戏。'11'父母拒绝让他和我们一起玩,并说如果他们再和我们一起出去,就会杀死他。 。”那天晚上,面对网吧的诱惑,父母的纪律变成了一个泡泡。

Because of the Chinese New Year, the Internet cafes where the three went to didn't even have a half-person figure. They played until the next morning. During that time, the "Three Friends of Demacia" was popular, so one of them played the prince, one played Xin Zhao, and the other played Galen. At seven o'clock in the morning on the first day of the new year, ten wallets ran out of money at night. The three children who did not eat breakfast were walking on the way home. When they were walking and chatting, they didn't know who said something. Let's go to work together in the future.


For Huanfeng, who was only platinum at the time, this seemed like a joke. At that time, he had begun to pay attention to professional players and e-sports, but felt that these things were far away from him, "never thought of being like them." But on the morning of New Year's Day, he took what he said with his two brothers seriously. "When I was a child, my mother always quarreled at home, and my mother always said that my dad's words were bullshit and lie. Then she would tell me that men must be responsible for their own words."

对于当时仅是白金的幻凤来说,这似乎是个玩笑。那时,他已经开始关注职业球员和电子竞技,但是他觉得这些东西离他很远,“从来没有想过像他们一样”。但是在元旦的早晨,他认真对待了他的两个兄弟所说的话。 “当我还是个孩子的时候,母亲总是在家里吵架,母亲总是说我父亲的话是胡说八道和撒谎。然后她告诉我,男人必须为自己的话负责。”

Years later, Tang Huanfeng, who returned to the cabin, began to train himself-he devoted a lot of time to games. Get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to play a row, and then ride to school with classmates; take a two-hour lunch break at noon, ride back and forth between home and school for an hour, and then play one or two for the remaining hour; before school ends in the afternoon, Huanfeng saves time after class and finishes his homework at school, and then goes home to play games alone until he goes to bed at eleven o'clock, and so on the next day. At first he played mid laner, but then he felt something "something wrong". After switching to AD, he began to feel that "this position should be mine".


Since then, Huanfeng has rarely played games with his friends in the past. At the bottom of his heart, he knew very well, "When I found them, I felt that I was just playing, happy, not serious." At the end of the third year of junior high, Huanfeng's score had reached the highest winning rate in the suburbs. Later he moved to a district and scored 200 and 300 points for the master.


"Sometimes, when a person really wants to do something, he can really do it well, don't believe it."


After graduating from junior high, Huanfeng was promoted to an ordinary class in a local ordinary high school. He was the first batch of students brought by Teacher Pang after graduating and working as a teacher.


Quietness and good grades are Teacher Pang’s first impression of Tang Huanfeng. At the same time, she also found that the other side was so strong. "At that time, he talked to me about my own college entrance examination scores and compared them. The one sentence I remember most clearly is that he said teacher, I will definitely surpass you in the future.

安静和好成绩是彭老师对唐焕凤的第一印象。同时,她还发现对方是如此强大。 “那时,他和我谈论了我自己的高考成绩,并进行了比较。我最清楚记得的一句话是,他说老师,将来我一定会超越你。

For Huanfeng, Teacher Pang is the object of contact and one of the few friends he can talk to. "There are some ideological questions, there is really no one to ask." In high school, Huanfeng's evening self-study class was from 6:40 to 9:10. One night at 7pm, Huanfeng found Teacher Pang to chat. , They talked until the end of the evening self-study, when there was no sound after class.

对于环丰来说,庞老师是他的交流对象,也是他可以和他们聊天的几个朋友之一。 “有一些意识形态问题,实际上没有人要问。”在高中,环风的晚上自习课是从6:40到9:10。晚上7点一夜,欢丰找庞老师聊天。 ,他们一直聊到晚上自学结束,下课后没有声音。

"He came to ask me about the choice of the road, whether to choose to play games or continue to go to high school and college. At that time, he was more contradictory in his heart. He and I mentioned that he is quite good at playing games and the possible rewards are also relatively good. Okay, but at the same time he also wants to go to university because his grades are also good." At that time, Huanfeng's grades in the ordinary class had always been ranked first and second. In high school, he continued to live a life of learning while improving the level of the game, but with the passage of time, the sense of confusion gradually increased. Deep down, he began to realize that the day to make a choice would always come.


So, while chatting with Teacher Pang, he began to ask similar questions such as "What if I don't go to school in the future?" "What do you think of children who don't study?" At the beginning, Teacher Pang gave him a very clear statement. "At that time, I didn't know his game level, nor did I know what longer-term advantages the game could bring him. In my eyes, for such a student with good grades, I still recommend him to go to school. Road." But as the number of chats increased again and again, Teacher Pang himself felt the balance tilt in secret.

因此,在与庞老师聊天时,他开始问类似的问题,例如“如果我将来不去学校怎么办?” “你对那些不读书的孩子怎么看?”刚开始,庞老师给了他一个非常明确的声明。 “那时,我还不知道他的比赛水平,也不知道该游戏可以给他带来什么长期的优势。在我看来,对于这样一个成绩不错的学生,我仍然建议他去上学。路。”但是,随着聊天次数一次又一次地增加,庞老师本人感到平衡在秘密中倾斜。

Around the year when he entered high school, other things happened occasionally in Tang Huanfeng's life. For example, from a certain moment, the living expenses given by my father became unstable-the original living expenses of 200 for half a month became 200 for a month. Huanfeng once asked his father when he could give the money, but he did not respond. Once again, Huanfeng’s mother suddenly told him that the house he lived in was running out of money. If he didn’t pay, the house might be taken away, so Huanfeng had to save some living expenses from his father just in case. Sometimes in the second half of a month, Huanfeng only eats and drinks a bottle of water and two steamed buns a day.


Another example is the division of classes in the first half semester of high school. Huanfeng, with excellent grades, was transferred to the key class, and teacher Pang no longer served as his head teacher. She still remembered the last chat with Huanfeng. Faced with the topics that she had talked about again and again in the past, Teacher Pang did not give the answers that she had always insisted on. At that time, she said to Huanfeng that in fact, everything is good, just do whatever you want. "As long as you want, she said that at the time." Teacher Pang's words made Huanfeng very useful, but in the eyes of the other party, "maybe there was really no one in his family who could support him at the time."

另一个例子是高中上半年的班级划分。成绩优秀的欢丰被调入重点班级,庞老师不再担任班主任。她仍然记得与欢峰的最后一次聊天。面对过去反复讨论的话题,庞老师没有给出她一直坚持的答案。当时,她对焕峰说,其实一切都很好,随便你做什么。 “只要你想,她当时就是这么说的。”庞老师的话使焕凤非常有用,但在另一方的眼中,“也许当时他的家人中确实没有人可以支持他。”

Later, when this year's students were in the second half of the year, Teacher Pang was accidentally transferred to Huanfeng's key class, but at that time, she could not see her student again-the second half of the first year of high school. Huanfeng left school.


According to Tang Huanfeng, he couldn't get along with the students in key classes at that time. According to Tang Huanfeng, he was quarreling with the students in the key class, and the teacher asked the two to shake hands and make peace. He didn't take it seriously. According to Tang Huanfeng, he was emotional one day, and he texted his father that he didn't want to stay at school anymore, and he typed a bunch of radical words on the keyboard. Later, my father told the school. The school shut him down for one night. The next morning, a bunch of teachers came to do his ideological work. My father came to the school and so did the principal. After he arrived, the principal showed him a picture showing the difference between rural and urban, and the difference between rural and urban people. The teachers told him what would happen if you read, and what would happen if you didn't.


At noon, Tang Huanfeng and his father left school. The school's decision was to suspend Huanfeng from school for a period of time to sort out his emotions. Later, he said to his father, how about changing to another school? Father said yes, as long as you are willing to re-study, take him to a high school in the prefecture-level city next door that day. At the gate of the high school, my father chatted with a stranger, and Huanfeng next to him heard that he could enter the school, but he needed money. "Why do my dad be like that? I feel shameful for a man to bow his head, and it's my dad."

中午,唐焕峰和父亲离开学校。学校决定暂停焕峰一段时间,以理清自己的情绪。后来,他对父亲说,转到另一所学校怎么样?父亲说是的,只要你愿意重新学习,那一天就带他去隔壁地级市的一所高中。在高中门口,父亲和一个陌生人聊天,旁边的欢风听说他可以入学,但他需要钱。 “为什么我的父亲会那样?我为一个男人低下头而感到可耻,这就是我的父亲。”

Later, Tang Huanfeng drove back to the original city alone. Before going back, he had a big quarrel with his father, and the other person asked him, if you don't study, what do you want to do? Huanfeng said, however, he slipped away in the bus alone. On that train, he made the final decision.


"Forget it, go to a career."


After leaving school, Tang Huanfeng did not put his words about surpassing Teacher Pang in the college entrance examination into reality.


After coming to the SN Club, it was the first time to talk about the topic of going home from vacation. Tang Huanfeng said to his teammate Sofm from Vietnam, "There is only a small river between my home and Vietnam." Sofm also said he could not believe it.


That river is called the Beilun River, and the 60 kilometers downstream constitutes the border between China and Vietnam, then flows into the Beibu Gulf and finally into the South China Sea. At 107° east longitude, the Beilun River wraps a small city. On the other side of the river is Mong Cai, Vietnam, and on the other side of the river is the People’s Friendship Park of China and Vietnam.


That county-level city is called Dongxing, where Tang Huanfeng grew up. When I was in high school, as soon as I left the school, I could see Vietnamese people selling all kinds of odds and ends. When I went to Dongxing Port to the south, there were more Vietnamese. At that time, there were Vietnamese courses in Huanfeng's school. "It feels like Vietnam is just one foot in the past."

唐县凤长大的那个县级城市叫做东兴。当我上高中时,我一离开学校就可以看到越南人卖各种零花钱。当我去南部的东兴港时,越南人更多了。当时,环丰学校有越南语课程。 “感觉越南只是过去的一英尺。”

On the map, move the meridian slightly to the west by 1°, and then go up a full 1,900 kilometers to Yinchuan, the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In 2016, Tang Huanfeng followed the 106° east longitude all the way from chicken feet to chicken back, starting his first professional e-sports journey. To


Immediately after leaving school, Huanfeng began to submit his resume to the e-sports club he knew, including his age, server, score, and reason for playing e-sports in a private message. Some of the messages that were sent were totally unreliable, and some of the replies received were that the score was too low to work, so keep working hard.


Anxiety spread inside. "Urgent, it was too urgent at that time." After a period of finding the team to no avail, someone found him. It was a club located in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The owner opened an Internet cafe and wanted to form an e-sports team for 3,000 yuan a month. Huanfeng didn't think too much, and immediately made a decision. Before taking him away, his father said to him, if you go, you can do it well, and if it doesn't work, you will come back as a soldier.

焦虑情绪在内部蔓延。 “很紧急,当时太紧急了。”经过一段时间的发现无济于事之后,有人找到了他。这是一家位于宁夏银川的俱乐部。老板开了一个网吧,想组建一个电竞队,每月3000元。欢峰并没有想太多,就立即做出决定。在把他带走之前,他的父亲对他说,如果你走了,你就可以做得很好,如果不起作用,你会以士兵的身份回来。

When he came to Yinchuan, Ningxia, Tang Huanfeng lived in a house that was worse than his home in Dongxing. "The place where the rent is 1,000 yuan, the shower faucet is broken. There is no place to wash the clothes, so we need to take the clothes to the boss. Home wash.” In that club, Tang Huanfeng entered a cycle of “waking up from the sofa at 10 am every morning, playing games all night until 5 or 6 pm, and then going to bed”. The players started training in the Internet cafes and were hungry. Order takeaway. Sometimes the boss is kind and will take the team members to his house for dinner while his parents cook.

唐焕峰来到宁夏银川时,所住的房屋比他在东兴的家还差。 “租金是1000元的地方,淋浴水龙头坏了。那里没有洗衣服的地方,所以我们需要把衣服交给老板。洗碗。”在那个俱乐部,唐焕峰进入了一个循环:“每天早上10点从沙发上醒来,整夜玩游戏直到下午5点或6点,然后上床睡觉。”球员们开始在网吧里训练,饿了。外卖点餐有时老板会客气,会在父母做饭时带团队成员去他家吃饭。

In this club, Tang Huanfeng stayed for more than a year, "some is just experience, there is no improvement in performance." He felt that he was wasting a year. "I lived there for a whole year, let me know how tired it is to play professionally, and how hard it will be if I don't play well, that's all." After one year, Huanfeng saved 10,000 yuan and left Yinchuan. With that club, I spent almost two thousand when I went home. "You said how uncomfortable."

在这个俱乐部里,唐焕峰住了一年多,“有些只是经验,绩效没有改善。”他觉得自己浪费了一年。 “我在那儿住了整整一年,让我知道职业比赛是多么的疲倦,如果我表现不好的话,那将是多么艰苦,仅此而已。”一年后,Hua峰saved下了1万元,离开了银川。在那个俱乐部,回家时我花了将近2000。 “你说的很不舒服。”

Tang Huanfeng did not serve as a soldier after the hastily end of his first professional journey. After staying at home for a while, he chose to set off again, but this time he went to Chongqing, a municipality directly under the Central Government, to join the WuDu club, "when it was hot." Recalling his past professional experience, Huanfeng can't remember the specific months. All he can remember is the temperature and the clothes added or removed every time he left home, played a career, or returned.


2018 is the first year of the LDL secondary league. The country is divided into four divisions: Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, and Beijing. Before the spring and summer seasons, there are qualifiers for teams to compete for places. In May, Tang Huanfeng and WuDu teammates got the quota for the LDL Summer Split. In the summer split, they reached the third place in the group in the Chongqing Division. They lost the qualification for the finals because they did not win the spring game. Soon after the summer regular season ended, WuDu team leader called Tang Huanfeng and said that he and his support were fired-just a few days ago, Huanfeng felt that he didn’t have enough points and wanted to work hard. The day he was opened, he Just the king of Hanbok.

2018年是LDL二级联赛的第一年。该国分为四个区:南京,深圳,重庆和北京。在春季和夏季之前,有资格参加比赛的队伍。 5月,唐焕峰和WuDu队友获得了LDL Summer Split的名额。在夏季比赛中,他们在重庆赛区的比赛中排名第三。他们因为没有赢得春季比赛而失去了进入决赛的资格。夏季常规赛结束后不久,武都队队长致电唐焕峰,并说他和他的支持被解雇了-就在几天前,焕峰感到自己积分不足,想努力工作。开张那天,他就是韩服之王。

Hearing the news of being opened, Huanfeng's heart beat quickly, and complicated emotions surged. He asked the manager why, and told him to let him find a better platform and team. The other party didn't say too much, and Huanfeng didn't feel embarrassed to keep asking. Not wanting to let his teammates know that he was leaving, he and his assistant secretly returned home. It was not until a few days later that the other teammates on vacation returned to the club, only to find that there were two missing people in the team. When leaving, Tang Huanfeng himself said something very "Secondary 2" to himself, such as "Don't let me meet you in LPL in the future". To


From 2016 to 2018, from Dongxing to Yinchuan to Chongqing, Tang Huanfeng spent two years on a longitude that was only one degree away from his hometown of Dongxing. From the "Internet cafe team" to the LDL, Tang Huanfeng did not have much sense of accomplishment, he can only feel "Is it good or not?" In the summer of 2018, there are many players in the LDL Chongqing Division who have played in the LPL and even the World Championships, as well as rookies who will shine in the LPL arena a year later, but Huanfeng did not pay much attention to those or famous, Or strong opponents. Later, when I went to IGY, someone said to Huanfeng, "Why don't you know anything, so proud?" He replied, "No, just thinking about myself".


Time goes back to August 2017. At that time, Huanfeng, who was still in the Yinchuan Internet Cafe team, and his teammates traveled to several cities and finally got a place in the 2018 LDL Spring Split. After getting the quota, the team owner changed the villas for the team members, and they moved out of the houses originally "rented for 1,000 yuan." At that time, Huanfeng didn't know what the LDL quota meant, and felt that "just have a game to play." Later, an old player who used to stay in the LPL came to their team. The other party gave Tang Huanfeng the meaning of popularizing LDL and LPL, and told him that you can’t enter the LPL. There are only dozens of people in this world who can play. LPL, why are you? To

时间可以追溯到2017年8月。当时,仍在银川网吧团队中的环凤和他的队友们去了多个城市,并最终在2018年的LDL Spring Split中获得一席之地。在获得配额后,车队老板为他们的成员更换了别墅,他们搬出了原来“租金为1000元”的房屋。当时,焕峰不知道LDL配额的含义,并认为“只需要玩游戏”。后来,一个曾经留在LPL的老球员来到了他们的团队。对方给了唐焕凤以普及LDL和LPL的含义,并告诉他您不能输入LPL。这个世界上只有几十个人可以玩。 LPL,你为什么呢?至

In the villa, the joy of comfortable life did not last long. Later, the supporting players in the team told them the truth-the boss chose to replace the LDL quotas he got in a villa with a better training environment. Hearing this news, Huanfeng felt that he could not stay any longer. He asked his father to help make up an excuse to say that something was going on at home and asked the child to go back as soon as possible, and then left Yinchuan before 2018. Before leaving, the team owner took him to take one or two thousand yuan in cash next to the train station and told him that this was for him to go home for the New Year.


"If there is no quota, if everything is told to us, he is actually a very good boss." The gap between dream and reality is something that every e-sports practitioner must face. In the process of going around, Huanfeng still wanted to walk higher.


Yinchuan is a city that will snow in October. In early October 2017, the first snow in Yinchuan area began in 1961, and in December, the real heavy snow came. One day when Huanfeng was just getting up near noon, someone told him to look quickly. It was snowing outside. It was not long before they changed their villas. He looked down from the sixth floor, and the entire park downstairs turned white. After the team moved into the villa later, the snow still did not melt.

银川是一座将在十月下雪的城市。 2017年10月上旬,银川地区的第一场雪始于1961年,12月,真正的大雪降临了。有一天环凤正午时分起床,有人告诉他快点看。外面正在下雪。不久之后,他们改变了别墅。他从六楼往下看,楼下的整个公园变成白色。之后,团队搬进了别墅,雪仍然没有融化。

That day, Tang Huanfeng and his teammates from the Internet cafe went downstairs to play in the snow. They took a lot of photos and went to lunch together afterwards. Snow was a novelty for Tang Huanfeng at that time. When he looked at the world covered by heavy snow curiously, he also felt the coldness brought by the snow itself. He thought that the snow in reality was the same as what he saw in the movie.


That was the first time in his life Tang Huanfeng, who grew up in a snow-free area, saw snow, nearly 1,900 kilometers away from his hometown.


On the last day of 2018, Tang Huanfeng, who was expelled from WuDu and had been home for more than three months, took the plane to Shanghai for IGY.


At that time IGY was a brand new team formed with the jungler Leyan as the core. When recruiting players, Leyan thought of Tang Huanfeng. So, just as he brought Huanfeng from the Ningxia Internet cafe team to Chongqing WuDu the same year ago, he once again called his old teammates to his side.


At IGY, the manager Guo Kui met Huanfeng for the first time. In the spring split, IGY scored 17-7 in the regular season, and the quarterfinals of the playoffs were eliminated by BLGJ. After that, Guokui wanted to go home and start a business, but in the end he chose to stay for these young players. During the team adjustment time before the start of the summer game, the team members held a meeting in a small room to discuss what to do in the future. He talked to the players about his past experience, talked a lot of his own ideas and choices, talked about the plans for the future team, and talked a lot.


"I told them that each of you has given up a lot at your current age, and your experience and dedication are all in your eyes. Since you have chosen this path, you have to go one way to the dark." During the spring competition, IGY The management method is strict and militarized, and everyone has goals that must be strictly implemented. In summer, Guo Kui tries to change this atmosphere. "The feeling I want to convey to them is that each of you is not playing this profession for management, coaching, clubs and fans, but for yourself. What you really face should be yourself."

“我告诉他们,你们每个人在当前年龄都已经放弃了很多东西,您的经验和奉献精神都在您的眼中。既然您选择了这条道路,就必须走黑暗的道路。”在春季比赛中,IGY的管理方法严格而军事化,每个人都有必须严格执行的目标。夏天,郭奎试图改变这种气氛。 “我想传达给他们的感觉是,你们每个人都不是为了管理,教练,俱乐部和球迷而从事这个职业,而是为了自己。真正面对的应该是你自己。”

During the summer competition, Guoguo let the players set their own goals, and asked them to read books on improving communication skills or cultivating values ​​for some specific players. When resting, everyone will play various escape rooms in Shanghai to relax. Once, the whole team played in a particularly scary secret room. When they first entered, everyone was frightened. Coach Aaron didn't feel very good either. He was worried that he might get bumped and injured when playing in such a dark environment. At that time, about half of the team members thought about giving up, but Guo Kui said, "It's okay, this is a team game, we must trust the teammates, we can." Later, under the leadership of Guo Kui, no one in the whole team withdrew halfway.


AD is a position that needs to be kept in the hand. Guo Kuo said that Tang Huanfeng was "the one who worked hardest in the team, no one." During the 2019 LDL Summer Games, Huanfeng will qualify every day until 5 or 6 in the morning, and will not go out during holidays. "Sometimes when we go out to eat together at night, he will say that recently I feel that I don't feel very good in my hand. I'm going to play a game soon. I will play two more qualifying positions. You can pack something for me and come back.

AD是需要掌握的位置。郭括说,唐焕峰是“团队中最努力的人,没人。”在2019年LDL夏季运动会期间,焕峰将每天排位赛直到早上5或6点,并且在节假日期间不会外出。 “有时候我们晚上出去吃饭时,他会说最近我觉得自己的手感不太好。我很快就要去比赛了。我会再打两个排位赛。你可以帮我收拾东西回来。

On August 5, 2019, the IG Club announced that Leyan, the former IGY jungler, was promoted to the first team. Later, Leyan debuted on the LPL stage, and then followed the team in the 2019 Global Finals.


The incident of Leyan going up to the first team caused a big impact on Tang Huanfeng-as a teammate and friend from WuDu to IGY, Huanfeng was envious of Leyan who could make the first team. "When Leyan went to the first team, he said, alas, I want to catch up with Leyan, I want to carry Leyan, and he can't let him carry me like this." In a conversation with Guo Kui, Huanfeng said that he wanted to help The team, should the team surround him in the next game? He came to carry the game. Guo Huo was a little moved when he heard Huanfeng's words.

乐岩升上亚博平台APP一线的事件对唐焕峰产亚博开奖结果生了重大影响-作为从五都到IGY的队友和朋友,焕峰羡慕乐岩可以组建一线队。 “当莱恩去一线队时,他说,a,我想赶上莱恩,我想背负莱恩,他不能让他这样背负我。”在与郭奎的对话中,欢锋说他想帮助球队,球队是否应该在下一场比赛中包围他?他来进行比赛。郭活听到环凤的话有点感动。

On September 8, 2019, IGY advanced to the LDL Summer Playoffs with a record of 18-6, second in the regular season among 25 teams. Fourteen days later, IGY defeated EDGY 3:1 on the stage of the finals and won the championship trophy. On the podium, Tang Huanfeng, who was holding the cup with his teammates, was not too excited. At that time, he felt everything calmed down, "The goal is finally achieved."

在2019年9月8日,IGY以18-6的战绩晋级LDL夏季季后赛,在25支队伍中在常规赛中排名第二。 14天后,IGY在决赛阶段击败了EDGY 3:1,并获得了冠军奖杯。在讲台上,与队友们捧杯的唐焕峰并没有太兴奋。那时,他感到一切都平静了下来,“目标终于实现了”。

While in the audience, watching the team members holding the cup almost broke into tears. During the Spring Split, the team was under too much pressure to place 705, and they were so desperate that they wanted to buy a ticket and left. In the summer split, after the first round of a BO3 game, the mid laner Forge shed tears because of some mistakes. I couldn't hold on anymore... All the messy and detailed memories of this team suddenly appeared at that moment.


"No one in this team is perfect. Everyone has been questioned and pressured. When it comes to winning, everyone can see the improvement that can be seen with the naked eye. They deserve this championship."


"I'm not reconciled. Why did all my teammates go to LPL, but I didn't? What am I doing badly?" This is the question Tang Huanfeng has been asking himself during the transfer period in early 2020. At the end of 2019, he almost failed to enter the LPL after winning the LDL championship.


"At the beginning, a club approached us, hoping to try out our players. In fact, at the beginning, I had the idea of ​​letting them learn and experience." Guoguo described the situation at the beginning of the transfer period. Apart from Leyan who was already at IG and Forge who was already signed by VG at the time, Tang Huanfeng was the first player to go out for trial training, from Shanghai to Beijing, JDG.

“一开始,一家具乐部接近我们,希望尝试我们的球员。实际上,一开始,我就想让他们学习和体验。”郭果描述了转让期开始时的情况。除了已经在IG任职的Leyan和当时已经由VG签约的Forge之外,Tang Huanfeng是从上海到北京,JDG的第一个接受试训的球员。

"After I went there, I found out that the gap between LPL and LDL is so big." During the JDG trial for a few days, Huanfeng, who was in contact with LPL teams and professional players for the first time, was very nervous, and finally failed-before. Tang Huanfeng, who has always regarded Leyan in LPL as a chasing target, has realized the real gap between himself and this stage. After JDG's trial training was over, he sent a message to Guo Kui frustratedly, saying that he didn't want to trial any more, he felt that he was "very good" and wanted to go home and rest alone. When a failure became the fuse, all his negative emotions surged at that moment.


Seeing the news from Huanfeng, Guo Kuo became angry. “I communicated with him on WeChat for a long time that day, and he was very emotional at the time. I think it’s okay to go to LPL for trial training and study. Even if you can’t pass it, it’s okay. You will come back if it’s a big deal, but you can’t escape.” In the end, Guo Kuai and Tang Huanfeng reached a consensus and let him go home to rest for two days before returning to Shanghai to continue training.

郭欢看到环feng的消息后就生气了。 “那天我在微信上与他进行了很长时间的交流,当时他非常激动。我认为可以去LPL进行试用培训和学习。即使您无法通过,也可以。没关系,您会回来的,但您无法逃脱。”最后,郭Guo和唐焕峰达成共识,让他回家休息两天,然后返回上海继续接受培训。

After the JDG trial training, Tang Huanfeng went to other clubs, but the result was no good. In the end, he changed from the first player in the team to go out for a trial, and became the one who had not entered the LPL at the end of the final transfer period. At first, Huanfeng thought that he would stop playing LDL for half a year and settle down. Later, watching his teammates go to LPL one by one, he himself was anxious. When the transfer period was about to end, he finally told Guo Kui his true thoughts. At the same time, the SN Club contacted IGY, and Guo Kuo asked him, why not try again? This time, Tang Huanfeng finally made up his mind to seize this last opportunity.


"You played LDL and won the championship. What do you do next? You must want to go to a bigger stage. If it still doesn't work at that time, then I will admit it." At the end of the 2020 LPL spring game transfer period, Yuan Xi and the club manager personally Came to IGY to pick Tang Huanfeng back for a trial. Yuan Xi still remembers the scene of the first meeting, the boy who was standing on the street in winter in Shanghai, thin, introverted, and wearing a sweater with the "White Rabbit Toffee" pattern.


Before 2020, Taiwanese player Hu Shuojie, who has been in the SN club for a year, is thinking about how to play in the new season every day.


"What I thought at the time was that, as an aid, if you can lower the operational level, pay more attention to what the entire map is doing, say more, and communicate with the team more, it may be the best way to connect the team. "The spring season started next year, and after playing a few games, he became more determined.


As a result, 2020 has become the most talkative year since Hu Shuojie's career. "I didn’t need to speak so much when I was in Lightning Wolves, even in SN last year, but now there are newcomers, and many things that didn’t need to be spoken are now being spoken. Not only must they speak, but also loudly, at least for The other team members have one direction." When frequent communication with teammates became a habit during the game, he slowly began to feel a discomfort in his throat. In the middle and late summer games, Hu Shuojie sometimes asked the staff to help him buy some lozenges for support.

结果,2020年成为胡硕杰职业生涯以来最健谈的一年。 “当我在《闪电狼》时,甚至在去年的SN时,我都不需要说太多话,但是现在有了新人,现在正在讲很多不需要讲的东西。他们不仅必须讲话,但也要响亮,至少对于其他团队成员有一个方向。”当在比赛中与队友频繁交流成为一种习惯时,他慢慢开始感到喉咙不适。在暑假的中后期,胡硕杰有时要求工作人员帮助他购买一些锭剂作为支持。

The "newcomers" in his mouth refer to Shangdan Chen Zebin and AD Tang Huanfeng. At the official player annual meeting before 2020, Hu Shuojie asked Tang Huanfeng, "Will you come back after the trial?" The opponent replied, maybe. Later, he learned that this hairy boy would be his bot partner for the next year. The day before Tang Huanfeng officially took the stage, Hu Shuojie said to him during dinner, "If you don’t know what you are going to do when you are playing tomorrow, or if we are headwind, don’t stop talking at that time. Just talk to everyone. Say it’s okay, don’t worry, I’ll carry, even if you think you can’t carry it, you have to say so, to make the team feel at ease.” Later, SN unfortunately lost in the second day of the game, but Hu Shuojie felt that his AD played Yes, "After all, I also know what it will be like to play the first game."


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