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In January of this year, Ben Alpha joined Valladolid as a free agent, which was unexpected to many people, and the number chosen by the French is even more confusing. Although there are many offensive numbers for him to choose-such as No. 8, Ben Alpha chose No. 3, and even he himself couldn't give a clear reason.

今年1月,本·阿尔法(Ben Alpha)以自由球员的身份加入了巴利亚多利德(Valladolid),这对于许多人来说是出乎意料的,而法国人选择的人数更加令人困惑。尽管他有很多进攻数字可供选择,例如第8名,本·阿尔法选择了第3名,甚至他本人也无法给出明确的理由。

"This number...yes, I have many other choices, but in the end I chose number 3." Ben Alpha obviously didn't think about how to explain it when facing the interview. "I think the number 3 printed on the jersey looks pretty," he said as he gestured the number "3" with his hands. Obviously the number "8" is not that attractive to Ben Alpha.

“这个数字...是的,我还有很多其他选择,但最后我选择了3号。” Ben Alpha在面对面采访时显然没有考虑如何解释它。他说:“我认为球衣上印的数字3很漂亮。”显然,数字“ 8”对Ben Alpha吸引力不大。

The number 3 is usually one of the lowest pitched numbers on the court. According to the development trend of today’s football, the left-back has a stronger desire to attack than the right-back. Many left-backs transform forward into left-backs and even left-forwards. Compared with No. 2, No. 3 is more mobile and has taken over. More wing sets and set-kick tasks.


Of course, No. 3 is not a specific number for the left back, and its situation is quite similar to No. 2. In the history of English football, in the process of the 2-3-5 formation gradually evolving into 4-4-2, No. 3 gradually moved from the left center back to the side to become the left back.

当然,第3号不是左后卫的具体数字,它的情况与第2号非常相似。在英式足球历史上,2-3-5的形成过程逐渐演变为4- 4-2号3号逐渐从左中部移回侧面,成为左后部。

For the right back, the tradition of No. 2 as a right back is inherited by Brazil and other South American countries, but it does not include Argentina, which retreated as a right back.


But on the left, the situation is completely opposite. Argentina followed the English tradition and handed over No. 3 to the left back, but Brazil's left back was No. 6 who withdrew from the midfield, and No. 3 reclaimed the center to become a central defender. In this way, the Argentine defense line is arranged from left to right 3-6-2-4, while Brazil is 6-3-4-2.


Uruguay combines the characteristics of the two. Their number arrangement is the most regular version evolved from the 2-3-5 formation. After the three midfielders, No. 6 and No. 4, which are left and right, have dropped. The line of defense, the arrangement of the back line of defense becomes 6-3-2-4 from left to right. This tradition in Uruguay continues today-central defender Godin wears No. 2 in the club team, but is always No. 3 in the national team.


Among the above-mentioned countries, only Argentina will hand over the No. 3 jersey to the left back. Solin, who has played for Villarreal, is a typical example. Although Thorin has worn many numbers in his long career, No. 3 is undoubtedly his favorite. He wore the No. 3 jersey during his time at River Plate and Paris Saint-Germain. But when he joined the yellow submarine, the No. 3 jersey had already been taken first. It happened that the owner was also a left back from Argentina-Rodolfo Arruabarrena (Rodolfo Arruabarrena). Thorin reluctantly chose No. 12, and followed Zamorano's precedent by adding a plus sign between the numbers "1" and "2", indicating that he was still wearing No. 3. Not only that, Thorin was ingenious, pulling down the vertical line of the plus sign all the way to make the plus sign look more like a cross. This not only showed his belief, but also put on his favorite number, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

在上述国家中,只有阿根廷将3号球衣移交给左后卫。曾效力于比利亚雷亚尔的索林就是一个典型的例子。尽管索林在其漫长的职业生涯中经历过很多事情,但毫无疑问,他是第三名。他在River Plate和Paris Saint-Germain期间身穿3号球衣。但是当他加入黄色潜水艇时,第3球衣就已经被首先采用。碰巧所有者也是阿根廷-鲁道夫·阿鲁巴巴雷纳(Rodolfo Arruabarrena)的左后卫。 Thorin勉强选择了12号,并跟随Zamorano的先例,在数字“ 1”和“ 2”之间添加了加号,表示他仍在使用3号。不仅如此,Thorin精巧,拉低了垂直线一直使加号看起来更像十字。这不仅表明了他的信念,而且还列出了他最喜欢的数字,这可以说是用一块石头杀死了两只鸟。

Since both the left back and the left center back can wear the No. 3, the best owner of the No. 3 jersey is those players who can perform both positions at the same time. The most well-known of them is the red and black legend Paul Maldini.

由于左后卫和左中后卫都可以穿着3号球衣,因此3号球衣的最佳拥有者是可以同时担任两个位置的球员。其中最著名的是红色和黑色传奇人物Paul Maldini。

Although he is a right-footed player and debuted as a right-back, the existence of Tassotti forced Paulo Maldini to move to the left and play in this position for more than 10 years. It wasn't until the last few years of his career that he changed to play as a left center back. During the playing at the left back, Paulo Maldini polished his left foot technique so well that many people did not realize that his dominant foot was actually his right foot.

尽管他是一名右脚球员并作为右后卫出道,但塔索蒂的存在迫使保罗·马尔蒂尼向左移动,并在这个位置上打了十多年。直到他职业生涯的最后几年,他才转战左中后卫。在左后卫的比赛中,Paulo Maldini很好地擦亮了他的左脚技术,以至于很多人没有意识到他的优势脚实际上就是他的右脚。

Paulo Maldini retired in 2009, and AC Milan also retired its No. 3 jersey. The Rossoneri had previously retired Baresi's No. 6 jersey. They later promised that if any of Maldini's two sons can be included in the AC Milan senior team, the team will reactivate the No. 3 jersey. Christian Maldini has not developed smoothly and has been in the lower leagues all the year round. The prospects of his younger brother Daniel Maldini are even more promising. Unlike his father, Daniel is an attacking midfielder with a right foot and currently plays for the AC Milan youth team. Paolo Maldini’s father, Cesare Maldini, was a technical scavenger who was active in the 1950s and 1960s. He also wore this number, so Daniel may become the first of the Maldini family. Three generations of red and black No. 3.

保罗·马尔蒂尼(Paulo Maldini)于2009年退役,AC米兰也退役了第三号球衣。 Rossoneri先前已退役Baresi的6号球衣。他们随后承诺,如果马尔蒂尼的两个儿子中的任何一个都可以加入AC米兰高级队,那么该队将重新启用3号球衣。克里斯蒂安·马尔蒂尼(Christian Maldini)的发展并不顺利,并且全年都在低级联赛中排名。他的弟弟丹尼尔·马尔迪尼(Daniel Maldini)的前景更加广阔。丹尼尔与父亲不同,他是一名右脚进攻型中场球员,目前效力于AC米兰青年队。保罗·马尔迪尼(Paolo Maldini)的父亲塞萨尔·马尔迪尼(Cesare Maldini)是一名技术清道夫,他活跃于1950年代和1960年代。他也穿了这个号码,所以丹尼尔(Daniel)可能成为马尔蒂尼(Maldini)家族的第一个。三代红色和黑色的3号。

It is necessary for us to introduce the unique number allocation system of the Netherlands and Belgium. Traditionally, the back line numbers are arranged neatly from left to right 5-4-3-2. The left back wears the number 5 and the right center back wears the number 3. This is the most distinctive place. During the Ajax era, Stam, Aldweirelder and now Feltman all wore the No. 3 jersey. What these people have in common is that they can play a cameo on the right back instead of the left back.


Of course, not all teams play four guards. In those teams that play three guards, the number assignment is often counterintuitive. In England, No. 2 and No. 3 will move forward to become wing guards. The most obvious example in recent years is Marcos Alonso. Compared with the full-back, the Blues 3 is more comfortable at the full-back position. The strange thing about this is that numbers seem to really change the aura of a player, even if it is the same person, wearing a 7 or 11 seems to be sharper than wearing a 2 or 3.

当然,并不是所有的球队都扮演四个后卫。在那些由三名后卫组成的球队中,号码分配常常违反直觉。在英格兰,第二名和第三名将前进,成为边锋后卫。近年来最明显的例子是马科斯·阿隆索。与后卫相比,Blues 3在后卫位置上更加舒适。奇怪的是,数字似乎确实改变了玩家的光环,即使是同一个人,戴着7或11似乎比戴着2或3锐利。

There are a lot of No. 3s appearing on the right. This is not their location. Sarnia spent an unforgettable seven seasons at Arsenal wearing the No. 3 jersey, but Maicon, once known as the world's number one right back, performed disappointingly at Manchester City. Tottenham used to reverse the positions of No. 2 and No. 3 frequently in the 1990s.


Liverpool used to have two activities on the 3rd on the right-Abel Xavier and Steve Finnan. Although both of them are panacea that can move left and right, they are more comfortable on the right. The Reds midfielder Fabinho was Monaco's No. 2, which makes perfect sense because he was introduced by the Ligue 1 team as a right back. After joining Liverpool, the Brazilian chose No. 3, but he has switched to a defensive midfielder, which makes no sense. Fabinho's move may be a tribute to a famous Red Army-Xavi Alonso, the Spanish midfielder could not get his favorite No. 14 after the transfer to Bayern, so he changed to No. 3.

利物浦曾经在右边的阿贝尔·泽维尔和史蒂夫·芬南三号进行过两次活动。尽管它们都是可以左右移动的灵丹妙药,但亚博平台APP它们在右侧更舒适。 Reds中场球员Fabinho是摩纳哥的第二名,这很合理,因为他是Ligue 1队的右后卫。加入利物浦后,巴西人选择了第三名,但他转而成为防守型中场,这没有任何意义。 Fabinho的举动可能是对著名的红军Xavi Alonso的致敬,西班牙中场球员在转会至拜仁后无法获得他最喜欢的14号,因此他换成了3号。

Speaking of the attacker wearing No. 3, Ji'an is the most famous in recent years. Ji'an, wearing Ghana's No. 3 jersey, has had impressive performances in the Africa Cup and World Cup. Not only at the national team level, Ji An is the owner of the No. 3 jersey in Udinese, Rennes, and Sunderland. In addition, he also wears No. 3 when playing in Qatar, Dubai, China, Turkey and India. Tabard. "I have worn size 3 since I was a child. This is a powerful number. If you want to lift heavy objects, count to three and then work hard. If you want to warn some people, you will tell them that there is no more than three things," Ji'an explained.


After Ji An joined Sunderland that year, the owner of the No. 3 jersey was Richardson. Ji An temporarily chose No. 33. After Richardson moved away the following year, Ji An got his accustomed No. 3.


Speaking of Richardson, when he played for Sunderland, the choice of numbers was quite sophisticated. When he first joined the Black Cats, Richardson wore No. 10 as an attacking midfielder, and then changed to No. 3 after switching to the left back. After moving forward to the left wing, he wore No. 11.


Such a player who respects the tradition of numbers is really rare.


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