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亚博开奖结果|BIG4亚冠时间紧任务重 3强面临抉择申花成黑马?

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Come out after a thousand calls! After much research, communication and discussion, the remaining group matches of the 2020 AFC East Asia are finally released. Starting from November 18th, the East Asian region of the AFC reignited the battle, and the Chinese Super League BIG4 went out again, but the AFC schedule and the FA Cup clearly conflict. How will the top three choose? Can Shanghai Shenhua become a dark horse?


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For the Super League BIG4, the second half of this year will face a severe test. The first is that the first stage of the Chinese Super League will start on July 25 and will end on September 28. On September 18 and 19, a round of the FA Cup was interspersed. After 14 rounds of the league and 1 round of the FA Cup, the Super League teams finally ushered in a short interval.


However, the players of BIG4 cannot fully rest yet. The national football team has a 6-day short-term training session from today to 9th. BIG4 is a major international player. 15 of the 28 international players are from these 4 teams, including 6 from Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, 5 from Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, and Shanghai SIPG 2 people each and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua.

但是,BIG4的玩家还不能完全休息。国家橄榄球队从今天到9日进行为期6天的短期培训。 BIG4是主要的国际参与者。在这28个国际球员中,有15个来自这4个团队,其中包括广州恒大淘宝网的6个,北京中和国安的5个,上海SIPG的2人和上海格陵兰的申花。

The second stage of the Chinese Super League schedule has been announced. From October 16th to November 12th, each team will have 3 rounds of 6 games. BIG4 will gather in Suzhou to fight for the championship. Due to the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the AFC East Asia group stage was postponed indefinitely. It was not until this week that the plan for the rematch on November 18 and the schedule of the remaining games were finally finalized. According to the latest schedule, the AFC East Asia group stage will kick off from November 18th until December 4th.

中国超级联赛赛程的第二阶段已经宣布。从10月16日到11月12日,每支球队将进行3轮,共6场亚博开奖结果比赛。 BIG4将聚集在苏州争夺冠军。由于新的王冠流行病在全球爆发,亚足联东亚小组赛阶段无限期推迟。直到本周,11月18日的复赛计划和其余比赛的时间表才最终敲定。根据最新时间表,亚足联东亚小组赛将于11月18日至12亚博开奖结果月4日开始。

If the Chinese Super League team will pass all the way and reach the top in East Asia, they will participate in the finals with Persepolis, Iran, starting on December 19. Even if only to participate in the group stage, the Super League BIG4 will face a difficult schedule of one match every three days.


It should be noted that after the Chinese Super League, the domestic competition did not end. The second round of the Football Association Cup reignited on November 26 until the championship was produced on December 19. From the perspective of time, the schedule of the AFC and the FA Cup is in serious conflict. In addition to defending champion Shanghai Greenland Shenhua who was eliminated in the first round, the other three teams participating in the AFC Champions League broke into the second round of the FA Cup. The Chinese Football Association is also well aware of the conflict between the AFC and the Football Association Cup, and also gave BIG4 the green light in terms of personnel policy. However, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, and Shanghai SIPG have to decide whether to send the main force to play in the AFC or the FA Cup. ! To

应当指出,中国超级联赛之后,国内比赛并没有结束。足球协会杯第二轮比赛于11月26日重新举行,直到12月19日举行冠军赛。从时间上看,亚足联和足总杯的赛程存在严重冲突。除了在第一轮被淘汰的卫冕冠军上海格陵兰申花队之外,参加亚冠联赛的其他三支球队也闯入了足总杯的第二轮。中国足协也很清楚亚足联和足协杯之间的冲突,也为BIG4的人事政策开了绿灯。但是,广州恒大淘宝,北京中和国安和上海SIPG必须决定派主力参加亚足联还是足总杯。 !至

Back to the topic of the AFC Champions League, Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Shenhua have yet to play. Guangzhou Evergrande's opponents in the same group are Kobe Victory Ship, Suwon Samsung, and Johor DT. In terms of overall strength, Guangzhou Evergrande is strong. Its main competitor, Kobe Victory Ship, won 2 games and held 6 points, while Suwon Samsung lost both games. Therefore, it is not difficult for Guangzhou Evergrande to seize a qualifying spot. The key depends on the performance of the knockout rounds. In the past eight seasons of the AFC Champions League, Guangzhou Evergrande only failed to qualify from the group in 2016.


Shanghai SIPG's opponents in the same group are Yokohama Mariners, Jeonbuk Hyundai, and Sydney FC. Shanghai SIPG did not move much during the transfer period, only replacing Ahmedov with Mui, but the upgrade of AFC is obviously to prepare for the AFC. Shanghai SIPG’s overall strength is very strong. Its main competitor Yokohama Mariner won 6 points in 2 games, while Jeonbuk Hyundai and Sydney FC only scored 1 point. This is absolutely positive for Shanghai SIPG. In the past four seasons of the AFC Champions League, Shanghai SIPG has been able to successfully break through the group.

上海SIPG在同一组中的对手是横滨水手,全北现代和悉尼足球俱乐部。上海SIPG在转会期间并没有太大的变动,只是用梅代替了艾哈迈德夫,但显然,亚足联的升级显然是为亚足联做准备。上海SIPG的综合实力非常强。其主要竞争对手横滨水手(Yokohama Mariner)在2场比赛中赢得6分,而全北现代(Jeonbuk Hyundai)和悉尼足球俱乐部(Sydney FC)仅获得1分。对于上海SIPG绝对是积极的。在过去四个赛季的亚冠联赛中,上海SIPG能够成功闯入小组赛。

Beijing Guoan is the only team in the Chinese Super League BIG4 to make an AFC Champions League appearance this season. The Yulin Army defeated Chiang Rai United 1-0 in an away game on February 18, and currently holds 3 points and tied with FC Seoul on the list. Melbourne won 2 and accumulated 3 points. Split, Chiang Rai United lost in 2 games. Beijing Guoan’s main competitors are undoubtedly the victory of FC Seoul and Melbourne. After the restart of the AFC Champions League, Guoan will fight Seoul in the first battle. Beijing Guoan is an insider in the civil war and an outsider in the foreign war. In the past eight seasons of the AFC, Beijing Guoan has only qualified from the group three times, and it has a round of knockout rounds. This season's position in Doha, can the Yulinjun rewrite history?


Shanghai Shenhua is the only team in the Super League BIG4 that does not need to be distracted by the FA Cup, because as the defending champions, they were out of the game in the first round. The three opponents of the Shanghai Shenhua AFC team, FC Tokyo, Ulsan Hyundai, and Perth Glory, are not easy to deal with. FC Tokyo scored 4 points in 2 games, Ulsan Hyundai scored 1 points in 1 game, and Perth gloriously scored 0 points in 1 game. The current situation of Shanghai Shenhua's group is not clear, and the result of a game may change the overall situation. Shanghai Shenhua was the team with the largest adjustment in the BIG4 in September, adjusting two foreign players, Martinez and Bolaños joined one after another. Shanghai Shenhua played 9 times in the Asian Club Cup and the AFC Champions League in history, but the results were not satisfactory. The best record was to break into the quarterfinals in 2006. Since then, the AFC Champions League has never broken through the group for 5 times, and even fell in the additional in 2017 Threshold of the game. Do not need to be distracted by the two-line battle, can Shanghai Shenhua, who played all the main force in the AFC, become the dark horse of the AFC this season?


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